Week 2: I Am In Christ— Day 1

This week is all about testimonies.

Testimonies are different than biographies. The difference? Who the hero is. In a biography the person is the hero. In a testimony, Christ is the hero. But too often our testimonies sound like biographies. “I did bad things, then I went to church, now I don’t do bad things.”

Testimonies do exactly that, they testify. They testify to Christ being the one who conquers all sin and death, and Satan himself. Testimonies tell about how Christ grabbed hold of our hearts and, in his love and grace, brought us to himself.

Read Revelation 12:10-11

What are two ways the accuser, Satan, is conquered? (By the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.)

How do you defeat Satan in your life? (By testifying to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on our behalf for our sins.)

Parents, this would be a great time to share your testimony with your students. You are a pillar of faith for your student.

Pray and thank God for being the hero in your life and rescuing you from Satan, sin, and death.