Friday Family Resources #2

This week on tap are 2 articles & 2 resources.

First up is an article that brought some great concern to me this week. Youtuber Logan Paul was prominent in the news this week for a stunt he pulled on one of his vlogs (video blog). What concerns me is that he has a following of 15 million people, made up of mostly 12-16 year olds, so it's no surprise that many of our own students follow him. I've even sat as students show me videos of his on their phones. In one of his videos this past week, Paul filmed a dead body that he and his friends discovered in Japan's "Suicide Forest." Paul has since removed the video after it had already received 6 million views and almost 600,00 'likes'. Youtube had not removed it themselves, but it was the backlash Paul received that caused him to take it down which calls into question how consistent Youtube is with their rule & policies when it comes to their "A-list" celebrities. I'd encourage you to check in with your student, especially if you're aware that they watch his videos. Suicide is no light matter and seeing a dead body can be scarring. For me, and many other youth workers, this video has brought to light the irresponsible & careless actions of youtube celebrities we have already come to fear. The influence they wield is far greater than most actors or musicians. Take a look through any one of Paul's regular videos and you'll start to get a sense of what and who is influencing students. Students talk about the latest youtube videos in the hallways, class rooms, share them via messages, and can spend hours watching them together. It's more than just Logan Paul, there's hundreds. While some may have channels that feature fairly tame content, people like Paul remain at the top of the charts with their constant "boundary" pushing, sensational, and over the top antics. The video featuring a dead body being simply another ploy to gain views and revenue. Last year Paul raked in over $9 million off the content he produces. 

You can read an article about the incident HERE.

The second article is a piece to raise awareness and to encourage. This article by the Gospel Coalition talks about how and why youth stay in church. Much of new research in the youth ministry field has been trending towards the importance of the family, which is great news. As research trends this way it's made me and many of my peers to ask how we need to do our jobs differently. Which brings me to the resources.

The first resource that I want to encourage you and your family with is the brand new subscription service from  The purpose of the subscription service is "to make more trustworthy Bible resources available to more people for less money." They have 3 plans: Free, Basic ($2.99/mo), and Basic + Commentaries ($3.99/mo). You'll have access to many different study bible notes, reading plans, devotionals, and even my favorite commentary series, Preaching the Word. In perspective, for $3.99/mo you'll have access to over $1000 worth of bibles and study materialMy hope is that if you sign up for any one of these plans that it would be incredibly fruitful for you and your family as you learn and grow in God's word. 

The second is the ReadScripture app. This is a read through the year app that has a schedule, videos, and all the readings right there in app. You can start now! The video content helps deepen your scripture reading so that it is a much more enriching process. The readings are short enough that you and your family could do them together in 20-30 minutes each night.

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