Worship @ 2nd

Our goal in worship is to live out Psalm 100:1-2, which reminds us to “Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs”. Worship for us is never a ritual or an obligation, nor is it an unemotional going-through-the-motions; instead, worship is exciting and pleasing, and it’s something that we love doing with all our heart. We also believe that worship doesn’t end when the service is done, but that the attitude of worship stays in our hearts all week long and that our joy for the Lord should be contagious!

We use a blended style of worship, meaning that we use both traditional and contemporary music in the same service. We’ve chosen this blend because we think it’s important for people of all ages to worship together and to appreciate each other’s particular tastes. We love the idea of young and old singing together, each with the attitude of “I’ll sing your songs if you’ll sing mine”!

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:00, and of course a well-staffed nursery is located near the worship center. Come and check us out!

What to Expect When Visiting 2nd Church

10am start time: services typically conclude around 11:00am

Blended worship: each Sunday there is a mix of hymns played from the organ and songs led by our praise team

Bible teaching: each Sunday, the Bible is read and explained in a relevant and engaging manner

Nursery: nursery is provided each Sunday by church staff and volunteers.  There is a check-in station at the entry of the church where parents can register their children

Children: “children’s church” and “club 4-5-6” [4th-6th grade] are dismissed at the midway point of the service for age appropriate Bible teaching and worship activities.  Parents are able to pick up their children at the conclusion of the service.  If children would like to remain in the sanctuary for the duration of the worship service, that is welcome as well.

Prayer: there is a prayer time during each Sunday service where prayers are lifted up to God on behalf of the congregation.  If someone has a prayer request, there are prayer cards to be filled out that are shared with the pastor.

Testimonies: occasionally members and guest speakers will share a personal story about how God has been at work in their life

Offering: a plate is passed during the service to collect donations that help support the mission of the church and the missionaries we have pledged to support.  All gifts received are donations and there is no pressure to give

Fellowship: after the service there is a time set aside for food and fellowship in the family life center where friendships can be formed and strengthened

Sunday school: is optional, and it meets in the sanctuary and goes from 11:30-noon.

Communion: Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month

Baptisms: occur periodically throughout the year during the worship service